Sun U10 Installation Problem

Robert Slade bsd at
Mon Jun 20 05:42:34 GMT 2005


I have been trying to install Freebsd on a Sun U10. It tries to boot
from the CDROM but I get short read the files does not appear to be
executable. I have tried with bot 5.3 and 5.4. The boot only iso does
boot though.

I have tried with disks obtained from a Uk supplier with the same result
so I doubt it is the CDs cusing the problem.

The system has Solaris 9 installed and this can read the CDs so it looks
like the CRROM is OK. 

I would like to try a floppy drive boot, the handbook gives some info,
but refers to Section 1.3 to make the boot disks but this is blank. The
release note for 5.4 also refers to floppy booting, but there are no
floppy images in the release on the FTP site, or the 5.3 disks.



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