Affects of MHz & cache size

David O'Brien obrien at
Fri Jun 17 07:49:14 GMT 2005

For the curious, I had a chance to do world-stone benchmarks[*] on a
SunBlade100 500Mhz 256KB L2 cache 384MB RAM vs.
SunBlade150 650Mhz 512KB L2 cache 640MB RAM:
    6h25m41.50s real    5h29m9.58s user     49m23.80s sys
    4h37m54.42s real    3h56m10.41s user    35m42.51s sys

GENERIC kernel builds times:
    17m5.00s real       15m26.09s user      1m28.55s sys
    12m13.60s real      11m3.42s user       1m3.38s sys

The hard disk was transplanted from one machine to another so differing
hard disks would not affect the outcome.

-- David  (obrien at

[*] Actually this is 'rm -rf /usr/obj/* ; reboot ; time make buildworld'.

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