5.3 cd installation panic

Marius Strobl marius at alchemy.franken.de
Sun Jan 9 07:40:04 PST 2005

On Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 10:17:18PM +0800, Cyril Tikhomiroff wrote:
> Hello,
> Thank you for your reply.
> Here it is:
> ok cd  /pci at 1f,4000
> ok ls
> f0082474 SUNW,hme at 2,1
> f007c398 scsi at 3
> f0074bd0 network at 1,1
> f0074a34 pci108e,1000
> f0060540 ebus at 1
> then
> ok cd pci108e,1000
> ok .properties
> name                     pci108e,1000
> fast-back-to-back
> devsel-speed             00000001
> class-code               00068000
> max-latency              00000019
> min-grant                0000000a
> revision-id              00000001
> device-id                00001000
> vendor-id                0000108e
> This device lack the reg properties. I don't what device it is.

It's sort of a alias/symlink node to one of the EBus bridges in
your U30. It's not the only one known to exist but the others I'm
aware of at least consist of a "name" and a "reg" property and
therefore don't cause problems with the current code. This one
should be save to just ignore in FreeBSD but the question is
how you can install FreeBSD in the first place. From the above
output it's not entirely clear if it refers to the unused EBus
bridge on the add-on HME card which normally is disabled by the
firmware or the onboard one which is used for the serial ports
etc. (but which is more likely). At a first step you could try to
remove the add-on HME card, if the node refers to the unused EBus
bridge on this card it should just disappear then. If this doesn't
help you could try to update to the latest firmware revision
which is 3.27 and available from:


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