5.3 cd installation panic

Cyril Tikhomiroff tikho at anor.net
Sun Jan 9 06:18:40 PST 2005


Thank you for your reply.

Here it is:

ok cd  /pci at 1f,4000
ok ls
f0082474 SUNW,hme at 2,1
f007c398 scsi at 3
f0074bd0 network at 1,1
f0074a34 pci108e,1000
f0060540 ebus at 1


ok cd pci108e,1000
ok .properties
name                     pci108e,1000
devsel-speed             00000001
class-code               00068000
max-latency              00000019
min-grant                0000000a
revision-id              00000001
device-id                00001000
vendor-id                0000108e

This device lack the reg properties. I don't what device it is.

All other devices have the reg properties.

What should I do next ?


Marius Strobl wrote:

>The panic is triggered by at least one of the PCI device nodes not
>having a "reg" property which isn't expected for PCI devices. This
>could be the result of a broken device, connection problems of the
>network add-on card but also a bug in the firmware revision you're
>using which might make sense to work around if possible. Could you
>therefore please check which of the PCI device nodes doesn't have
>a "reg" property? To do so enter `show-devs` at the boot monitor
>prompt. You will get a list of all device nodes including two PCI
>bridges which will look like "/pci at 1f,2000" and "/pci at 1f,4000".
>For both of them do `cd <device-path>`, e.g. `cd /pci at 1f,2000`,
>followed by a `ls` and the devices on that PCI bus will be listed
>(this is a device tree and you can navigate with file-system like
>commands). For one of the two PCI busses probably no device will
>be listed for the other one it will look like "scsi at 3" etc., please
>past this/these list(s). `cd` into each of the PCI devices nodes
>with e.g. `cd scsi at 3` and enter `.properties`, you will get a
>list of the properties of the device node and their values. At
>least one of the PCI device nodes should be missing a "reg"
>property. Please paste the whole `.properties` output of this/
>these node(s). From the level of a PCI device node you can go
>back to the PCI bridge node with a `cd ..`. There's no need to
>descend further than the PCI device nodes, i.e. you don't need to
>check all of the devices in the Ebus bridge node.

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