Fast Data Access MMU Miss problem

cuma1207 cuma1207 at
Mon Jan 3 09:08:30 GMT 2005

> I find that 'reset-all' helps in these instances.
> Sometimes the OBP
> environment gets messed up from a prior boot and
> reset-all clears it. Or
> try a full power cycle.
> If that doesn't clear it then your CD might be
> damaged.

hi Doug
thank your reply first , I had tried your suggestions,
1. reset-all , full powe cycle boot  => then problem
is the same
2. I re-get 5.3-RELEASE-sparc64-disc1.iso and check by
md5.exe then burn a new CD to install => still the
same problem

my OS HD's scsi id is 0 , is there any limit that I
need setup its scsi id? Or is there any thing that I
can try ?



250MB ¶W¤j§K¶O«H½c¡A«H¥ó¦A¦h¤]¤£©È¡I

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