Fast Data Access MMU Miss problem

Doug White dwhite at
Sat Jan 1 23:29:51 GMT 2005

I know this is old, but ...

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, cuma1207 wrote:

> hi all
> First I would like thank you about the job of freebsd
> on sparc64,
> I am trying to install 5.3R on my sparc mb, I boot
> from CDROM and finish the installaion. Then when I
> boot from HD , I got a "Fast Data Access MMU Miss"
> error.
> here is the log:
> Netra AX1115S-500 (UltraSPARC-IIe 500MHz), No Keyboard
> OpenBoot 4.0, 1024 MB memory installed, Serial
> #51134023.
> Ethernet address 0:3:ba:c:3e:47, Host ID: 830c3e47.
> Executing last command: boot
> Boot device: disk  File and args:
> >> FreeBSD/sparc64 boot block
>    Boot path:   /pci at 1f,0/pci at 1/scsi at 8/disk at 0,0:a
>    Boot loader: /boot/loader
> Console: Open Firmware console
> FreeBSD/sparc64 bootstrap loader, Revision 1.0
> (root at, Fri Nov  5 02:16:10 UTC
> 2004)
> bootpath="/pci at 1f,0/pci at 1/scsi at 8/disk at 0,0:a"
> Fast Data Access MMU Miss

I find that 'reset-all' helps in these instances. Sometimes the OBP
environment gets messed up from a prior boot and reset-all clears it. Or
try a full power cycle.

If that doesn't clear it then your CD might be damaged.

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