Onboard SCSI controller support on Ultra 2

Joerg Wunsch j at ida.interface-business.de
Wed Feb 16 04:16:49 PST 2005

As Olivier Cherrier wrote:

> I just downloaded the 5.3-STABLE-SNAP001-sparc64-miniinst.iso file
> and seen that the HARDWARE.HTM file doen't mention this update and
> still says that Ultra 2 need to be net-booted.

apparently has been updated on HEAD to reflect that U1E and U2 are
supported quite some time ago, but hrs forgot to MFC that change.  I
just did the MFC.

Btw., the 3500/4500 are still mentioned as having no support for their
Sbus-based SCSI (fibrechannel) controller.  ISTR someone recently
wrote the SCSI controller does work though, can I take this for
granted and update the file as well?  I should get access to a 3500
sometime soon, but so far cannot verify it.

> > The prob i did find was with QFE card support; they all appear as
> > hme, have the correct individual MAC addresses--- but little else,
> > and errors galore.

The QFE actually *is* a quad HME card, that's why FreeBSD uses the
same driver for it.  What kind of problems do you have with it?

I've only used PCI-based QFEs so far, but never encountered any
problems with them -- they even make a fine Quad card in IA32 machines
now that FreeBSD supports them outside of OpenFirmware systems.

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