Onboard SCSI controller support on Ultra 2

Olivier Cherrier oc at symacx.com
Wed Feb 16 04:01:58 PST 2005


 > by now you may already have installed -- successfully!

Yes, it works pretty well -- except the console which is extremely
slow, eats characters and so on.

 > I had the same question and did a Google search that turned up a 
 > in an update doc that had not yet made it to the dist.

Yes, this doc has to be updated. Does any FreeBSD guy can do it? Thanks.

 > The answer is yes -- onboard scsi is supported on the ultra-2. my 
 > was successful  -- no problem there.
 > The prob i did find was with QFE card support; they all appear as 
hme, have
 > the correct individual MAC addresses--- but little else, and errors 

No experience with qfe on sparc64 and FreeBSD. I use one with success
on sparc32 and OpenBSD.


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