Bind/Netra t1

SG essgee at
Thu Sep 2 01:18:56 PDT 2004

I was wondering if anyone was experiencing any issues running bind 9.2.3 in 
chroot with fbsd 5.2.1, netra t105 512 ram. The problems I'm having is that 
the named process will use a lot of cpu at times 30%-90% but will normally 
run at 10%, and the memory usage will steadily increase over time until it 
starts eating into swap. The same configuration on a p3 1ghz with the same 
amount of ram will run flawlessly and use no more than 150 meg. The amount 
of domains this server is authoritative for is relatively small, a little 
over 200 and at peak will only do about 150 recursive queries per second. 
Any help would be appreciated.


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