5.3beta2 Xircom CEM56 attach returned 12

Andrew Belashov bel at orel.ru
Wed Sep 1 23:04:39 PDT 2004

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Hi, Tijl!

Tijl Coosemans wrote:
| I'm having problems to get my Xircom card working. It doesn't seem to
| be able to allocate mem. I think in 4-stable it used 0xd1000. Anyway,
| I've set the syctl variabe hw.xe.debug to 2 and included the output
| below. The first thing I noticed was that it seems to think it's a
| RealPort card while this certainly isn't the case.
| There are a couple messages related to this in the archives, even  a
| patch, but the code has changed since then and it no longer applies.
| I'm using an OLDCARD kernel by the way. (NEWCARD doesn't seem to work
| with this ToPIC95B).

Try NEWCARD with patch from PR kern/69127:

Boot verbosely ("boot -v" at loader prompt).

Before inserting card do following:
# sysctl hw.cbb.debug=1
# sysctl hw.pccard.debug=1
# sysctl hw.pccard.cis_debug=1
# sysctl hw.cardbus.debug=1
# sysctl hw.cardbus.cis_debug=1

Post dmesg into maillist.

With best regards,
Andrew Belashov.
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