TCP/UDP cksum offload on hme(4)

Herve Boulouis amon at
Wed Jun 16 21:44:18 GMT 2004

Le 16/06/2004 à 12:45, Pyun YongHyeon a écrit:
> Hello All,
>  2. The patch was tested on Ultra2(2x300MHz, FAS366). I'd like to
>     hear ok/nok results from PCI based sparc64 users.
>     The dmesg of the Ultra2 is available at:
>     http:///
>  3. I couldn't feel performance boost from the cksum offloads but
>     enabling it reduced system loads considerably.

After some very basic testing (mainly ftp transfers), your patch
seems to work correctly on my netra t 1125 (2*300Mhz).

My -current is from mid april.

Herve Boulouis

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