SBus/EBus auxio driver

Joerg Wunsch j at
Mon Jul 12 01:17:02 PDT 2004

As Pyun YongHyeon wrote:

> This is an auxio driver for SBus/EBus based sparc64 systems.
> The driver controls front panel LED. By setting an OID
> "machdep.auxio_led_blink" with sysctl(8), the LED is made to
> blink based on system load average.

I once wrote my own auxio driver, basically as a first attempt to get
acquainted to FreeBSD/sparc64 drivers at all, since <auxio> is really
a fairly simple hardware to handle.

Now that I've noticed FreeBSD's led(4) driver, I think it would be
done better by registering a led instance on auxio, as opposed to
hardcoding some functionality into the driver.

Anyway, my (currently stalled) attempts to access all the I²C hardware
using a pcf(4) instance of SUNW,envctrl made me dismiss the idea of an
auxio driver: while auxio can only drive one out of the six LEDs on
the front panel of my E450, the I²C-controlled parallel port could
drive all of them.  All the remaining ports assigned to <auxio> are
quite uninteresting anyway.

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