5.2-RELEASE miniroot

Jeff Blank jfb at mtu.edu
Thu Jan 15 13:24:26 PST 2004


Can someone clue me in on how sparc64/5.2-RELEASE/miniroot/miniroot.ufs.gz
is to be used?  I can't find any mention of it in the install docs on
the FreeBSD FTP server or web site.  I had assumed it was a bootable
filesystem for starting an installer (like OpenBSD's minirootXX.fs
is), but my Ultra5 refuses to boot it.  I guess I'm not surprised,
though, since it doesn't look much like a filesystem when I view the
first few bytes of the file, and it also seems rather bigger than a
miniroot would need to be.  So I guess at this point, I'm mostly just
curious as to what it's for.


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