64btt cvsup?

Garance A Drosihn drosih at rpi.edu
Tue Feb 24 20:05:28 PST 2004

At 4:45 PM -0800 2/24/04, John Polstra wrote:
>On 20-Feb-2004 Ken Smith wrote:
>  > Has anyone tried using cvsup on a 64btt system yet?  I'm getting
>  > odd results on a system being set up as a cvsup mirror - it seems
>  > to think it needs to touch (timestamp correction) every file in
>  > the repo but there is no visible change to the timestamp on the
>  > files themselves.
>Well, Modula-3 still thinks time_t is 32 bits, of course.  I haven't
>looked at the patches for a 64-bit time_t, so I'm not sure what
>provisions have been made for backward compatibility.

None.  We change the type for __time_t, and recompile everything.
This puts us in the same camp as the amd64 and ia64 ports.  We
pretend that the sparc platform never had a 32-bit time_t.

>I assume you (the collective "you") kept compatibility versions
>of time(2), stat(2), lstat(2), etc., with 32-bit time_t fields
>so that existing executables would continue to work.


>However, if you rebuild CVSup from source, it will most likely
>have problems.  This will be the case until I or somebody else
>adds a few patches to the port to deal with the change.

In my testing, I did a force-rebuild of cvsup-without-gui and the
ezm3 ports (after the upgrade).  As near as I can tell, cvsup has
been working OK for me since then.  I must admit that I have only

>If __FreeBSD_version wasn't already bumped to mark the change to
>a 64-bit time_t, somebody please bump it ASAP.  We're going to
>need that in order to know whether to apply the new patches or not.

The change has not been committed yet.  However, this *is* a
detail that I had overlooked.  Indeed, we probably should change
__FreeBSD_version.  As mentioned recently in HEADSUP to -hackers,
-arch, and -current, I intend to make an initial set of commits
on March 3rd, and then commit "the real change" on March 10th.

[Oops, I gotta go right now...  I'll finish this reply in a later

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