64btt cvsup?

John Polstra jdp at polstra.com
Tue Feb 24 16:45:31 PST 2004

On 20-Feb-2004 Ken Smith wrote:
> Has anyone tried using cvsup on a 64btt system yet?  I'm getting odd
> results on a system being set up as a cvsup mirror - it seems to think
> it needs to touch (timestamp correction) every file in the repo but
> there is no visible change to the timestamp on the files themselves.

Well, Modula-3 still thinks time_t is 32 bits, of course.  I haven't
looked at the patches for a 64-bit time_t, so I'm not sure what
provisions have been made for backward compatibility.  I assume
you (the collective "you") kept compatibility versions of time(2),
stat(2), lstat(2), etc., with 32-bit time_t fields so that existing
executables would continue to work.  If that's the case, then existing
CVSup binaries ought to work OK.

However, if you rebuild CVSup from source, it will most likely have
problems.  This will be the case until I or somebody else adds a few
patches to the port to deal with the change.

If __FreeBSD_version wasn't already bumped to mark the change to a
64-bit time_t, somebody please bump it ASAP.  We're going to need that
in order to know whether to apply the new patches or not.

I've already got a fire drill scheduled for this weekend, so I'd
appreciate it if somebody else could make at stab a the patches for
the ezm3 port.  [Somebody in a big truck smashed into my mailbox
and then drove away.  Now the postal service has told me they won't
deliver my mail after this weekend unless I fix it *sigh*.  Just
another damned hardware problem. :-]  Let's see, where was I ... Oh,
yeah ... The place to start on the patch is with the file


in the ezm3-1.1 source distribution.  (Do a "make patch" in the
lang/ezm3 port and then find the file.)  Find "time_t" and change
its type to int64_t or whatever it ought to be.  In the same
directory, edit "Ustat.i3" if necessary, to change the layout of
the stat structure appropriately.  If other data structures got
shuffled, try to find them, or ask me where they are.  Figure out the
ports-Makefile-fu to make the new patches get applied only if the
system has a recent enough __FreeBSD_version.  That ought to do it.  A
new M3 bootstrap file might be needed, but I don't think so.  Let me
know if you run into questions or problems.


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