Back to the Future - 64-bit time_t on sparc64

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Fri Feb 20 12:50:13 PST 2004

At 10:49 PM -0500 2/19/04, Ken Smith wrote:
>On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 10:29:20PM -0500, Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>>  If you're running with the latest snapshot of -current, then
>>  the installworld_newk and installworld_oldk will not be quite
>>  right.  /usr/src/Makefile.inc1 recently changed, and I needed
>>  to change the scripts to work with either format.
>Hmm.  I didn't need installworld_oldk because everything was
>local drives.  installworld_newk seemed to work just fine, though
>I haven't tried to rebuild post-64btt transition yet.

installworld_newk is not hampered much by the reformat.  one
line does not get added (iirc), but that line also does not
really work as well as I wanted it to anyway, so you would
not notice if it wasn't added.

however, the reformat does disrupt installworld_oldk in much
more significant ways.

>  > Does this seem reasonable?
>Sounds good to me.  I don't see any hints on when 5.3R will be
>in the Web files but we'd need a fair chunk of time to get ports
>built and tested.  Though why commit the change to _types.h
>after you commit the other files?  I kind of doubt anyone would
>notice them in the repo until you make the change to UPDATING.

The people who are watching this list, and who are willing to be
early-adopters, will see them...   :-)

Partially I just want to give a range-of-time where people can
make the upgrade.  There are bound to be other changes going into
the tree, and so maybe buildworlds will be bad for one user on
"Tuesday", but not on "Friday" (or visa-versa).

But mainly I want to have some event to show "okay, we really do
think this is ready for people", so more people will be willing
to try it out.  And if no serious problems pop up, those people
can depend on the idea that the actual switch will be made within
a week, and thus they don't have to worry that they'll mistakenly
do a 32-bit buildworld the next time they upgrade.

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