installation question.

John LeMay jlemay at
Thu Feb 19 15:25:28 PST 2004

> Thank you for your reply John,
> but apparently, I am getting 2 exact opposite opinions on it.
> 1 side says there is no problem. 1 side says a serial terminal is
> mandatory.
> If w/o using a serial terminal worked for you, would you mind telling me
> what problems would typically appear by installing via a video console
> rather than a serial terminal, and how do you eliminate the problems
> during yr successful installation?


Basically the problem is that the display does not refresh correctly. It 
does get displayed correctly the first time though. This gave me enough 
to go on that I was able to figure out what keystrokes to use to 
complete the installation of the base system.

Don't get me wrong, using a serial console would have made my life much 
easier, it just wasn't convenient at the time.

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