64btt cvsup?

Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Fri Feb 20 09:32:33 PST 2004

Has anyone tried using cvsup on a 64btt system yet?  I'm getting odd
results on a system being set up as a cvsup mirror - it seems to think
it needs to touch (timestamp correction) every file in the repo but
there is no visible change to the timestamp on the files themselves.
I haven't tried running cvsup to update /usr/src or /usr/ports yet,
I was planning to use raw cvs and the local repo to update the one
machine I've cut over to 64btt so far, at least until I've got the
64btt snapshot built.

If others have used cvsup and not had a problem I'll just ignore it,
if others are seeing similar things I could report it to jdp.

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