Problem with DHCLIENT vs 64-bit time_t

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Mon Feb 16 19:08:05 PST 2004

At 8:36 PM -0600 2/16/04, matt wrote:
>I hate to add to the problems instead of proposing solutions,
>but I noticed that /etc/periodic/weekly/310.locate seems to
>be broken after the 64 bit time_t switch.

Hey, the problems are there whether you report them or not!
It's better that we find out about them, and maybe solve some
of them before making everyone switch.

What problems did you see with it?  I just ran the script by
hand on my 64-bTT system, and it seemed to work fine for me.
Do you get error messages in /var/log/messages?  What happens
if you run it by hand?  Eg:

Or is this an issue with 'cron', where it is forgetting to
run some of it's events?

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