netbooting FreeBSD/sparc64?

Harti Brandt harti at
Thu Apr 1 02:55:42 PST 2004

Eric Schnoebelen wrote:

> Is it possible to network boot FreeBSD/sparc64?  I've not been
> able to find ay directions on the process (actually, the needed
> files -- I know how to netboot sparc[64]'s.. :)
> The closest thing I've come up with is the 5.0-DP1 installation
> notes, but the loader files listed there are long gone of the
> ftp site.

I'm running an U1 diskless. You basically need to setup rarp 
(etc/ethers), dhcp and tftp. For tftp copy the sparc loader into the
tftp directory with the appropriate name (IP address).


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