Getting X on an Ultra 10

Brian Johnson brian at
Mon Oct 27 10:40:10 PST 2003

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Will Andrews wrote:

Thanks for the quick reply, Will!

> The mailing list archives for sparc64@ have the answer.  In fact
> this very question was asked a few days ago.

Thanks.  When I looked at the archives, I just did a search on the error
message I was seeing.  Unfortunately, it turned up empty.  After you
mentioned this, I did go back and browse the posts from a few days ago and
found the discussion you alluded to.

> Yes.. the issue is that syscons isn't supported and without it
> XFree86 will not work properly.  Even in 5.1-CURRENT this hasn't
> been resolved.  Also I believe there are some bugs with the
> creator video driver.
> Jake has some patches that he said he was going to commit to
> -current soon, so maybe 5.2 will support your U10.

Again, thanks for taking the time to summarize.  I'm glad it's a known
problem and not something on my end.  I guess I'll throw Solaris-something
back on it and take a look at FreeBSD again when 5.2 is released.

With an approximate release cycle of 6 months, I guess I might be seeing
you again in Jan :)


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