FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE on SunFire V100

Rob MacGregor rob_macgregor at
Thu Aug 28 07:33:01 PDT 2003

>From: Maxime Henrion <mux at>
>You need -CURRENT for the dc(4) driver to have a chance to work on
>sparc64.  I have converted it to the busdma and made it endian-clean
>after 5.1-RELEASE, and without these modifications it has 0 chances of
>working, hence why it wasn't included in 5.1-RELEASE GENERIC kernel.

Ok, I'll see about dragging a copy of the source from HEAD across from 
another system.

>You'll still have the MAC address problem though.  That should be fixed
>hopefully sometime soon.

As long as the system is mostly stable I'm not worried about having to do 
workarounds :-)

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