Serial boot console and kernel options (sio vs sab)

Tillman tillman at
Mon Aug 18 20:38:07 PDT 2003

On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 12:29:11PM -0600, Tillman wrote:
> I currently have a getty listening on COM1 to allow me to login to my
> Ultra 5 over a null modem cable. I'd like to expand this so that I can
> also access the boot process over the serial line (in addition to on the
> normal keyboard/monitor).
> Following the relevant chapter in the handbook (section 17.6), I find
> that they talk about the sio serial driver. I used the sab serial driver
> ... and it doesn't seem to have a man page. Are the same kernel options
> applicable to sab? For example, can I do something like this in my
> kernel config file:

Nevermind, Sparc-newbie mistake on my part. For the archives, folks
interested in this should look at "setenv output-device" and "setenv
input-device" in the Sparc forth BIOS. Or just pull the keyboard.

Sigh. My apologies :-)


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