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Jake Burkholder jake at
Wed Apr 30 19:44:37 PDT 2003

Apparently, On Wed, Apr 30, 2003 at 07:30:30PM -0700,
	James Taylor said words to the effect of;

> Hi everyone, I just joined this list two seconds ago and have a question
> for you all.
> I couldn't find anything specific to this in the archives, so this may
> be a common question or I just wasn't searching for the correct term.
> I just installed 5.0 on my E420R, and CVSup for some reason didn't
> compile during the install.  When trying to manually make
> cvsup-without-gui (or cvsup for that matter) I keep getting this error
> over and over:
> Cannot determine M3 target for this architecture

You need to use an up to date ports tree.  I'm assuming you're using the
ports.tar.gz from the 5.0-RELEASE iso, which didn't have support for cvsup.
Official support was just committed to the port recently, it should work
on 5.0-RELEASE.

Either mount an up to date ports tree from another machine, or download
a new ports.tar.gz from one of the ftp sites.


> Looking through the makefile I see some options regarding the
> architecture, and it looks like the only options there are i386 and
> alpha:
> --snip
> TARGET=         FreeBSD2
> .elif ${ARCH} == "i386"
> .if ${OSVERSION} < 400011
> TARGET=         FreeBSD3
> .else
> TARGET=         FreeBSD4
> .endif
> .elif ${ARCH} == "alpha"
> .if ${OSVERSION} < 400011
> --snip
> I'm assuming it's not compiling due to the lack of sparc64 support in
> the Makefile, but maybe I'm wrong.  Any suggestions on making this thing
> work? I'm not proficient enough with Makefiles to hack in any changes.
> Thanks
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