CVSup Errors

James Taylor jtx at
Wed Apr 30 19:30:35 PDT 2003

Hi everyone, I just joined this list two seconds ago and have a question
for you all.
I couldn't find anything specific to this in the archives, so this may
be a common question or I just wasn't searching for the correct term.

I just installed 5.0 on my E420R, and CVSup for some reason didn't
compile during the install.  When trying to manually make
cvsup-without-gui (or cvsup for that matter) I keep getting this error
over and over:

Cannot determine M3 target for this architecture

Looking through the makefile I see some options regarding the
architecture, and it looks like the only options there are i386 and

TARGET=         FreeBSD2
.elif ${ARCH} == "i386"
.if ${OSVERSION} < 400011
TARGET=         FreeBSD3
TARGET=         FreeBSD4
.elif ${ARCH} == "alpha"
.if ${OSVERSION} < 400011

I'm assuming it's not compiling due to the lack of sparc64 support in
the Makefile, but maybe I'm wrong.  Any suggestions on making this thing
work? I'm not proficient enough with Makefiles to hack in any changes.

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