Recommendations for a motherboard

Pete French petefrench at
Mon Sep 3 10:32:23 PDT 2007

> My 6.2 server is having problems so I am urgently searching for a
> replacement motherboard.   I may need to get the board ASAP.
> Searching the web has not come up with any list of boards to try.

I use this:

It is absolutely flawless - and I have had reports from people
that the more recent versions are just as good. It also comes with
decent NIC's on board (Broadcom for gigbit, Intel for 100 meg) and
there is a version with inbuilt SCSI, though I plugin an Adaptec card
myself. I bought the board from recommendations on the FreeBSD AMD64 list
after having a number of problems with an MSI server board.

I think the only thing that specific board does not support on your list
of requirements is the dual core processor support - I run two single
core processors in mine. The later revisions do support dual core though,
but I can't vouch for thhem personally. On the other hand they should be
just as good as the S2882 from the same manufacturer, and Tyan have a good rep.


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