Recommendations for a motherboard

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Mon Sep 3 09:47:21 PDT 2007


ceck out.

The Thunder series should give you the model you want.

They are available for both Intel and AMD cpus.


Marc Wiz wrote:
> My 6.2 server is having problems so I am urgently searching for a
> replacement motherboard.   I may need to get the board ASAP.
> Searching the web has not come up with any list of boards to try.
> Does anyone have any recommendations for a motherboard with the following
> requirements:
> runs dual core processors (I do not need quad core) I do not care
> whether it is AMD or Intel.  I am agnostic when it comes to processors.
> I want a stable board from a "known manufacturer" that is known to
> run 6.2 with no issues.  (I've been burned by unknown / cheap
> motherboards before)
> Has at least three PCI slots.
> Supports SATA preferably SATA II.
> Supports both PS/2 and USB keyboards and mice.
> The BIOS will support booting off a SCSI card.
> Console redirection would be nice but is not required.
> PCI Express slot for running a graphics card.   If onboard
> video comes with the board it needs to be supported by X.
> If onboard sound comes with the board it would be nice it
> were supported.
> I do not need on board ethernet but if the board comes with it I do
> want a chipset with no known problems (I trust Intel ethernet chips)
> I would like to have a board that supports ECC memory (I just feel safer
> running with ECC)
> Thanks,
> Marc

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