SMP Issue on Intel Core Duo (thinkpad T60)

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Mon Feb 12 15:52:48 UTC 2007

In the last episode (Feb 12), B. Estrade said:
> On 2/12/07, Dan Nelson <dnelson at> wrote:
> >In the last episode (Feb 12), B. Estrade said:
> >> Greetings, I recently performed a fresh installation on a *new*
> >> Thinkpad T60, and I noticed that the boot up was going unusually
> >> slow. I grep'd dmesg, and found the following issues regarding the
> >> CPUs. Is this indicitive of hardware failure or is there an issue
> >> with FreeBSD?  I am inclinded to assume the former, but I needed
> >> some more eyes.
> >[...]
> >> That is it - no "CPU #0 Launched!" ...
> >
> >The messages are being printed by "CPU #0"; of course it's running :)
> Good point.  Do you know if there is a delay during boot time for
> initialization of CPU #1?  I obviously need to do some more indepth
> testing and info gathering - are there certain things I should look
> at do that might help me diagnose this problem?

On my systems, the extra CPUs are started at the very end of all device
probes, just before /sbin/init is launched.  Nothing during the bootup
process needs any CPU though, so that can't be the cause of your slow
boot times.  You'll need to provide more detail as to what slowness
you're seeing.  Is it during device probing, or after it?  Have you
enabled any ports that might do lots of filesystem activity when
they're started up (squid for example)?

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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