SMP Issue on Intel Core Duo (thinkpad T60)

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Mon Feb 12 16:15:49 UTC 2007

Dan, thanks for your relies.  I booted things up this morning, and I
had no issues.  I am not sure what changed, but I am going to be
looking into some more specifics before I bug the list again.  I am
not running squid or anything like that - this is a fresh install.


On 2/12/07, Dan Nelson <dnelson at> wrote:
> In the last episode (Feb 12), B. Estrade said:
> > On 2/12/07, Dan Nelson <dnelson at> wrote:
> > >In the last episode (Feb 12), B. Estrade said:
> > >> Greetings, I recently performed a fresh installation on a *new*
> > >> Thinkpad T60, and I noticed that the boot up was going unusually
> > >> slow. I grep'd dmesg, and found the following issues regarding the
> > >> CPUs. Is this indicitive of hardware failure or is there an issue
> > >> with FreeBSD?  I am inclinded to assume the former, but I needed
> > >> some more eyes.
> > >[...]
> > >> That is it - no "CPU #0 Launched!" ...
> > >
> > >The messages are being printed by "CPU #0"; of course it's running :)
> >
> > Good point.  Do you know if there is a delay during boot time for
> > initialization of CPU #1?  I obviously need to do some more indepth
> > testing and info gathering - are there certain things I should look
> > at do that might help me diagnose this problem?
> On my systems, the extra CPUs are started at the very end of all device
> probes, just before /sbin/init is launched.  Nothing during the bootup
> process needs any CPU though, so that can't be the cause of your slow
> boot times.  You'll need to provide more detail as to what slowness
> you're seeing.  Is it during device probing, or after it?  Have you
> enabled any ports that might do lots of filesystem activity when
> they're started up (squid for example)?
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