Proliant servers ?

Gary D. Margiotta gary at
Thu Jun 15 18:22:02 UTC 2006

> Hi
> I'm planning to replace our mailhub with a new HP Proliant 380
> with 2 or 4 processors.
> I warmly welcome any feedback on admins that runs FreeBSD SMP
> 6.1 on that kind of machines with scsi disks.

I currently have 2 Proliant DL360 G1 servers running as my mailhub 
machines.  Dual P-III 800Mhz, dual 18GB SCSI drives, mirrored RAID-1 on 
built-in SMART Array controller, 768MB RAM.

They are running 6.1-STABLE, installed as 6.1-RELEASE boxes, then source 
upgraded to STABLE via normal buildworld procedures.

I had to disable ACPI on original install, and keep it off (there is an 
option under the installer where it asks you if you want to keep it off 
for the future), otherwise it would hang immediately upon trying to boot.

Aside from that, the install went normally, and I've had zero problems 
since.  The RAID array works flawlessly, I had a drive blow out on one 
machine, I just hot-swapped it with a new one, it rebuilt on the fly, and 
no on ever noticed anything.  No reboot needed, which is the way it should 

The machines are currently running main DNS services, plus Postfix with 
SpamAssassin, and are our primary MX border servers which handle roughly 
30-40k messages per day.

Hope this helps.


> Thanks
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