Proliant servers ?

David Landgren david at
Thu Jun 15 16:44:02 UTC 2006

David King wrote:
>> I'm planning to replace our mailhub with a new HP Proliant 380
>> with 2 or 4 processors.
> I have an HP Netserver 6000r, 4x700mhz, 4GB RAM, 4x80GB scsi disks. It 
> will take up to six procs. It's presently running FreeBSD 5.4 without 
> incident
> It runs beautifully, and I'm sure it would take 6.1 without trouble at all.
>> I warmly welcome any feedback on admins that runs FreeBSD SMP
>> 6.1 on that kind of machines with scsi disks.

Similarly, I have 6000r with 6 CPUs, 4x18Gb disks and 2Gb RAM running 
6.0-STABLE (as of February 2006). I haven't seen anything suspicious in 
any shape or form.

You might have to disable ACPI (or APCI, I can never remember: the thing 
that does power management) explicitly, but that's probably a pretty 
sane thing to do on a server.

I'm running 4.10 and 5.2.1 on a number of G3 DL-380s with HP SmartArray 
RAID setups and no real problems either, apart from cruft slowly 
building up (but hardly the fault of the OS). I would be pretty 
confident about installing 6.1 on them (and I probably will this summer).

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