UFS bottleneck

astatech at mail.ru astatech at mail.ru
Wed Feb 8 12:37:32 PST 2006

> > > > PS: maybe httpd wait for log write?
> > > Yes, could be (most of them are stuck in 'ufs').  Try disabling logging.
> > Do you mean apache or ufs logging? 
> apache (no such thing as ufs logging).

Sorry, ufs logging it's a solaris feature.

> > For apache I try it for testing, not for production. I need logs for my server :)
> > May be mount -o noatime can help. I try it with Joseph`s recomendations.
> You could also try mount -o async, but this may destroy your /var in
> the event of a crash.
I put logs to other slice and try acync since it's acceptable to lost logs of apache.

WBR, Alexander.

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