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John Baldwin jhb at
Mon Jun 27 18:26:16 GMT 2005

On Saturday 25 June 2005 05:46 pm, Darren Terry wrote:
> Hola,
>    I am new to this list and to FreeBSD so i would just like to say hi
> to everyone than thanks for all your help in advance.
>     Okay. On to the problem. I have just recently started moving my
> server over from Slackware to FreeBSD. All has gone well so far with the
> install and configuration of the services that i will be running.
> Although, I am having a bit of trouble getting my second processor
> running. I have tried to compile a new kernel with SMP support, however,
> i have been quite unsuccessful in doing this. I have read the chapter on
> compiling and configuring a new kernel in the handbook, still to no
> avail. If any of you could please help me with this i would grealy
> appreciate it.
> My config:

You are missing the 'device apic' line that SMP support requires.

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