Boot error SMP

Hans van Leest hvleest at
Sun Jun 26 15:41:12 GMT 2005


I've got a ASUS PCH-DL dual xeon board with an Intel SRCS14L 
When my kernel is build for one CPU, no SMP and APIC in my GENERIC file, 
the kernel compiles and boots. But when I compile with "options SMP" and 
"device apic" the kernel compiles but does not boot. It crashes after 
the 15sec SCSI settle. When I look at the dump from the SMP kernel, it 
looks like an error from irr.

In my GENERIC file there's also  "device  iir ", which is the driver for 
de raid-controller and in my BIOS I've disabled HTT.

Are the any problems kown with the irr driver and dual xeon proceccors.

As I understand correct, the "device iir" in the GENERIC file means that 
it is compiled in the kernel. Is it possible to load it as a module?

Thanks in advance


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