Free BSD 5.x

LT Cornell ltgator333 at
Fri Aug 26 01:09:39 GMT 2005

I've been having problems with FreeBSD since I got
version 5.3, it ran great on my small junk system, but
for some reason it would constantly freeze and or
panic out on my dual processor system.  I've just
gotten version 5.4, and after panicing out through the
first two install attemps, it's running ok.  I've
recompiled the kernel with the generic SMP config and
then again with my own config, but I'm constantly
getting a message about 'Warning- DMA write interrupt
seen but fired' after the computer has frozen up for a
few seconds, and then it will resume.  It also doesn't
seem to be running as quickly, I've ran versions 4.11
and 5.1 on the same system with no problems.
I have a-
Dual AMD Athlon MP's
Chaintech MoBo AMD 768MPX chipset
Promise Fastrack ATA -133 RAID controller
Hitachi deskstar 7K250

Any thoughts?
thanx, LT

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