FreeBSD unstable on Dell 1750 using SMP?

Palle Girgensohn girgen at
Thu Aug 18 12:53:06 GMT 2005

--On torsdag, augusti 18, 2005 14.49.14 +0200 "Nicklas B. Westerlund" 
<nicklas at> wrote:

> Palle Girgensohn wrote:
>> --On torsdag, augusti 18, 2005 14.30.44 +0200 Rutger Bevaart
>> <rutger.bevaart at> wrote:
>>> It seems that updating our machine to 5.4-p5 (RELEND_5_4) has solved
>>> this,
>>> or at least made it occur less frequently. Our last reboot was after
>>> building and installing the new kernel and it hasn't gone down since.
>> Very interesting. We're still at 5.4-p1. The version bump fixes didn't
>> look like they were addressing stability, only security, but why not...
> I'm running p1 on a few webservers, as p2 (which was the next level when
> I set them up) seemed to break parts of the nfs throughput, and since
> then I havn't dared patching up anything more.  Anyone of you using nfs
> on something higher than p1 ?

I'm using nfs a bit, not for important tasks though. and I'm still on 
5.4-p1, but this is subject to change soon.


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