Dual processor machine with FreeBSD 5.2 hangs or reboots regulary

Ain Tepp tepp at tigma.ee
Wed Feb 4 02:04:27 PST 2004


I have problem with following configuration:

FreeBSD 5.2
Dual Xeon 2, 4 GHz
Gigabyte 8IPXDR-E motherboard
2 x Intel e1000 (em, integrated) net interface
1 x LSI MegaRAID (amr) controller
4 x 512 MB 266 Reg ECC Kingston memory

Problem description:
Server  hangs regulary with 5.1. After upgrade 5.2 problems continue, but a
little. If random device removed from kernel configuration, server doesn't
hang any more, but after 3 days uptime reboots.
Messages in console are like "supervisor read, page fault", server trying
restart, but disk syncing and processor halting didn't succeed. One time
error associates with httpd process, other errors seems to be em0 problem.

Hardware tests, parts change.

I have a doubt that kernel SMP and em0 don't work affiliate.

Thanks in advance,
Ain Tepp
As Tigma

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