hardware compat + kernelbuild times

Ton van Gessel bsdton at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 2 12:45:53 PST 2004

Firstly i would like to apologize if I sent this email to the wrong adress.
Please let me know the right adress.

I saw in the SMP compat. list that you would like two know if there were
more motherboards / systems that were compattable with fbsd-smp. For a week
or so i've been fooling around with an IBM PC-SERVER 320 (8640-cyt) dual
pentium 133. Wich works just fine without any extra kernel options. I was
told these machines were built with a Micronics Computers, Inc. M54Pe ?
motherboard. I'm currently running 5.2 release (witch seems to have smp
enabled by default ) I've upgraded it from source from a 4.9 system.

I've also done some timings on buildekernel if you're intrested here they
first is the number of jobs ( make -j? buildkernel )
jobs    real            system
1        18098.70       1601.84
2        15230.45       3264.58
4        15809.86       3200.84
8        15998.64       3109.09

Output is taken from time (I've not included user because the user time
exeeds real time (realtime values are right ,i've checked them with a
stopwach). The machine was running in single user mode.

The difference between one and two jobs doesn't look so big (only about 18%)
but the upgrade from 90Mhz to 133Mhz only gave me 15%
I've attached a graph (if you like that sort of thing ) . If I can help you
by running the itermediate tests 3,5,6,7 jobs or perhaps using -current
instead of -release please let me know I'll be happy to do something back
for the project. The machine isn't involed in enything productive. But it
can take some time before you get the results back because its not a verry
fast machine.
Sorry for using hotmail but it's the only mailservice I can use on my work
to check mail.

Yours truly
Ton van Gessel

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