Marlon Pabilona marl at
Wed Jul 23 00:08:34 PDT 2003


	We have a new server and we tried to use FreeBSD 5.0 OS but the installation  
was unsuccessful because of the following errors. Below are the hardware 
specifications, Is this supported by FreeBSD 5.0 ? What version is your 
suggestons to solve the problem ? Thank you very much.

11311104 bytes read from base dist, chunk 48 of 179 @ 2262.2 KBytes/sec
Panic: page fault

syncing disks, buffers remaining...panic:bdwrite:buffer is not busy
Terminate ACPI

More info about the server:


Supports SMP (Symmetrical Multi-Processor) dual processors
 MPS (Multi-Processor Specification) rev 1.4 compliant
 Supports IntelXeonTM processor with 512K cache up to 3.06GHz
 FSB 533MHz supported.


Intel E7501 memory controller hub (Plumas 533)
 Intel 82801DB IO controller hub (ICH3-S)
 Intel 82870P2 64bit PCI-X Bridge (P64H2)
 Supports PC2100 DDR Memory(ECC Registered DIMM)
 Supports dual peer to peer PCI/PCI-X buses
 Supports 64bit/66MHz PCI bus & 133MHz PCI-X bus

System Memory:

6 x 184-pin DIMM sockets. Each DIMM socket supports 128MB to 2GB PC2100 DDR 
registered DIMM module
 Supports ECC-based 128MB to 12GB memory capacity

Onboard SCSI:

Dual channel Ultra320 SCSI controller
 Adaptec AIC-7902 64bit, PCI-X SCSI controller

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