adding ports (and apps) to NanoBSD

Ben Kelly bkelly at
Fri Jun 9 19:42:27 UTC 2006

On Friday 09 June 2006 6:06 am, Jeff S wrote:
> I installed NanoBSD on a DamnSmallMachine (VIA C3 Nehemiah
> and IDE flash disk). I like the architecture and it booted
> on the first try. Well done!
> What's the "proper" way to add ports and apps?

> Any suggestions?

I don't know if its proper or not, but I ended up using a customize function 
like this:


  cust_install_packages () (
          PACKAGE_LIST=`ls ${CONF_ROOT}/packages/*`
          cd ${NANO_WORLDDIR}
          for p in ${PACKAGE_LIST}
                  cat ${p} | pkg_add -C . -

  customize_cmd 'cust_install_packages'

I then just stick whatever packages I want into the ${CONF_ROOT}/packages 
directory and they get added during the build process.

I hope that helps.

> Jeff

- Ben

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