adding ports (and apps) to NanoBSD

Jeff S small1 at
Fri Jun 9 10:06:59 UTC 2006

I installed NanoBSD on a DamnSmallMachine (VIA C3 Nehemiah
and IDE flash disk). I like the architecture and it booted
on the first try. Well done!

What's the "proper" way to add ports and apps?

I tried ...

Manually installing in the Files hierarchy.

   Pro: Do it once.

   Cons: Tedious. Impractical for large ports.

Pkg_add in /usr/obj/.../_.w

   Run, chroot to /usr/obj/.../_.w, run 
   pkg_add. Re-run the last three parts of
   (prune_user, create_*_diskimage, and last_orders).

   Pro: Works.

   Cons: Gets trashed during rebuild. Doesn't scale.

The following methods failed.

Mount _.disk.image, chroot, then pkg_add.

   Out of free space during perl5.8 installation.

Unionfs (empty dir over .../_.w), chroot, and pkg_add.

   Pkg_add failed.

   Unionfs of .../Files over .../_.w could be ideal.

Any suggestions?

Also, I found this web page very useful. Thanks Daniel.
Unfortunately, there are no links to it.
I'll mention it here so it might get picked up by search 



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