diskless (or rather, readonly)

James Mansion james at wgold.demon.co.uk
Sat Aug 12 11:01:04 UTC 2006

>compact flash, in 128MB of RAM.  Should be simple for a UNIX expert
>such as yourself to do similar things.

I didn't say I was a 'UNIX expert' - I do as little admin as I can get
away with.  I develop trading system applications, and system APIs
are where my expertise is.

>someone else to dig into your problem.  What you're saying is "My
>time is more important than your time, so do the stuff I want done
>for me."

What I'm saying is 'If the documentation is out of date, then
delete it so it doesn't waste my time and don't be an ass by
suggesting that I write some more'.  If there isn't any, be
straight and I'll know to look elsewhere.

This is freebsd-small, right?  What I'm wanting to do should
be straightforward and discussions here have suggested as much.

>    http://m0n0.ch/bsd/

Thank you I'm aware of that.  I was asking whether the documentation
I found on freebsd.org really is out of date crap.  The answer is 'yes',
at least for the current release, and some of the articles.  They
should be removed.

I'm not trying to get anyone to do something for me.  Just be nice
if the FreeBSD community would accept that the oft-heard mantra
that it has a complete-system approach and good documentation is rather
out of date through bitrot from the recent changes.

As it is, the linux-live scripts are attractive if there isn't
a 'flick this switch and it happens by magic'.  I had thought
there was such a thing, but clearly not in FreeBSD 6.1, and I don't
have time to invent a solution right now.


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