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Chad R. Larson chad at DCFinc.com
Tue Aug 8 01:49:51 UTC 2006

On Mon, Aug 07, 2006 at 09:49:12PM +0100, James Mansion wrote:
>> People who complain that things are broken but then don't pitch
>> in to help fix the brokenness don't improve the state of FreeBSD.
>> It takes a fully cooperative effort from all concerned.
> Well, tough.  Like I say, I'm a consumer.  

It seems you have either missed the point being expressed in this
thread, or are being deliberately obtuse.

You say you are a consumer.  FreeBSD isn't a consumer product (nor
do I think it has been promoted as such).

Apple Mac OS X is a consumer product.  Windows is a consumer product.
Perhaps you should be using them?

And just an aside, the best way to get a volunteer to do what you
want him to is not to start with "Well, tough" as an attitude.

> I've heard the arguments before (I've been developing on UNIX for
> nearly 20 years now) but I have my own systems to focus on.

Me to, since the mid '70s.  My machines that aren't Macs are running
FreeBSD.  I don't seem to have the kinds of problems you are having.
For example, my router/firewall/gateway is running a custom built
FreeBSD 4.11 kernel and the necessary userland programs off a 16MB
compact flash, in 128MB of RAM.  Should be simple for a UNIX expert
such as yourself to do similar things.

> I could do this stuff, and help.  But I'm not going to, because
> I have my own priorities and not much time. 

Again, "I could help, but I'm not gonna" is not the best way to get
someone else to dig into your problem.  What you're saying is "My
time is more important than your time, so do the stuff I want done
for me."

> I don't care.  

You care enough to invest an hour or so in writing bitch-o-grams.

> I remain gobsmacked that this particular installation scenario
> isn't well documented and supported out of the box, given how far
> flash and similar has fallen in price, and how FreeBSD et al are
> handy as network edge devices that could benefit from running with
> a had disk that's spun down even if not running from cache.

For a head start on a diskless FreeBSD installation, visit


> James

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