Ports and Mondifications

Roger Miranda (Digital Relay) rmiranda at digitalrelay.ca
Tue Aug 8 15:32:26 UTC 2006

Well here come some more questions from the newbie.
I'm keeping everything in notes so then hopefully I can get some more 
documentation to the freebsd team (Not sure how the whole ducumentation 
process works). But on to the questions:

1. I've got Packages installed, but I would like to install some ports is this 
doable? I'm guessing the one problem I got right now is when I do 
a "Portupgrade -Dcf <portname>" it can not get routed to the internet.
Is there a way around this?

2. I would like to modify some files in the nanobsd filesystem image. I know I 
can do it at build time. But is there a quicker way of rebuilding the image 
instead of waiting for the whole process? For testing is sure sucks due to 
the long compile time (I need a faster system).

Well thanks for all the help. 

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