Booting Problems with PC Engines Wrap

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Sat Feb 5 16:30:30 PST 2005


I finished building my own MiniBSD for the above mentioned wrap box
according to I just copyied more
files (modules, man-pages, etc.) to my installing jail. The size for the
jail is ~100Mb and I made a disk image to fit on an 265MB CF card.

After copying everything on the flash card and booting up the box, it
just hangs after noticing the 'hard drive'.

zaphod# cu -l cuaa1 -s 9600
PC Engines WRAP.1C v1.03
640 KB Base Memory
130048 KB Extended Memory

01F0 Master 848A TOSHIBA THNCF256MMA                     
Phys C/H/S 978/16/32 Log C/H/S 978/16/32

I gues thats not a hardware problem as the m0n0bsd-Image
( works well.
Anyone hast a solution to this? 

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