bootable PCI flash slot?

Richard Williamson richard.williamson at
Fri Oct 22 07:21:04 PDT 2004

Howard Jones wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just finished preparing a FreeBSD-based flash-booting 
> router/firewall, which is currently using a DiskOnModule to boot from. 
> If possible, I'd like the flash to be externally accessible to make 
> upgrading or moving the flash a little simpler. Does anyone know of a 
> PCI-slot flash carrier that can present itself as a bootable IDE drive 
> with an external slot? I've found some PCI-PCMCIA cards, but they all 
> talk about Windows compatibility, and appear to be aimed at digital 
> camera users more than anything...

How married are you to the idea of using a PCI slot?

We have a demo network box that uses SanDisk CF cards.  The CF cards 
go into a SanDisk CF PC Card Adapter, that goes into the pc-card 
device, which is plugged into the IDE bus instead of the PCI bus. 
The entire thing replaces a DiskOnModule :>

But it is all standard, OTC kit.


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