help installing picobsd

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Sun May 16 06:55:07 PDT 2004


it would be useful to know something about Unix when trying things like
this :-)

In any case, the unpacked image file is an _image_ file. It is not a file
to be put on a floppy; it is the _entire_ contents of a floppy, including
partition tables and the filesystem. You need to use dd (on unix) or a
tool like fdimage or rawrite (on DOS) to write the image to a floppy.

For example, in BSD you would say: dd if=thefilename of=/dev/fd0. (You
could add bs=18k to get optimal transfer speed for a 1.44M floppy.)

Then just put the floppy in the drive and reboot to BSD...


On Sun, 16 May 2004, valentino lionheart wrote:
> Anyway, my problem now is how to install the pico bsd. I have download a file called picobsd-img.tar.gz. Is this what I need ?
> then how should I install it ? I try to decompress ther file using WinZip and /tar command from linux but the file size after decompression is 1.5 MB, of course it is can not copied into a floppy disk.
> I never use FreeBSD and Unix, and got zero knowledge on those thing.

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