Pico-BSD: HD-install

masta diz at linuxpowered.com
Mon May 10 15:09:42 PDT 2004


To this end, I would also mention the example menu.4th code is the 
shared docs.
You could have a nice loader menu to select with kernel, or root 
filesystem image to boot with.


Bruce R. Montague wrote:

> Marcus Mundt asked:
> > I'm trying to set up a client working with PicoBSD. It should support many
> > NICs and have at least telnet on it. I would like to know if it is possible
> > to get PicoBSD on HD an boot it from there, perhaps with altered startup.
> Yes, you can do this, essentially trivially. Just copy
>the picobsd kernel (the uncompressed kernel image, not
>floppy image that contains the compressed kernel image).
>Put the picobsd kernel anyplace that you would boot a
>FreeBSD kernel. Boot it the same way you would boot
>a FreeBSD kernel. 
> In the "build_dir-YOURCONF" subdirectory of your picobsd
>configuration directory, you will find the picobsd kernel,
>named "kernel". Copy it to the "/" dir of the disk from
>which you want to boot it... if you need to experiment in
>a fast cycle, on a development machine, just copy and
>rename the picobsd kernel and reboot the system, running
>the new kernel as you would an alternate kernel:
> #cp kernel /picokernel
> #shutdown -r now
> space-bar
> OK
>    unload
> OK 
>    load /picokernel
> OK
>    boot
> - bruce
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