Pico-BSD: HD-install

Bruce R. Montague brucem at mail.cruzio.com
Mon May 10 09:02:25 PDT 2004

 Marcus Mundt asked:

 > I'm trying to set up a client working with PicoBSD. It should support many
 > NICs and have at least telnet on it. I would like to know if it is possible
 > to get PicoBSD on HD an boot it from there, perhaps with altered startup.

 Yes, you can do this, essentially trivially. Just copy
the picobsd kernel (the uncompressed kernel image, not
floppy image that contains the compressed kernel image).
Put the picobsd kernel anyplace that you would boot a
FreeBSD kernel. Boot it the same way you would boot
a FreeBSD kernel. 

 In the "build_dir-YOURCONF" subdirectory of your picobsd
configuration directory, you will find the picobsd kernel,
named "kernel". Copy it to the "/" dir of the disk from
which you want to boot it... if you need to experiment in
a fast cycle, on a development machine, just copy and
rename the picobsd kernel and reboot the system, running
the new kernel as you would an alternate kernel:

 #cp kernel /picokernel

 #shutdown -r now


    load /picokernel

 - bruce

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