[Thinbsd] Re: ThinBSD with other videodriver

Martin Nilsson martin at mullet.se
Wed Jun 16 08:57:07 GMT 2004

Francois Tigeot wrote:
> When we started the project, we thought about flash-based devices, but had
> not yet time to test them.
> It is good news to hear that they work almost out-of the box !

With compliments to FreeBSD's advanced three stage bootloader things 
like this is very easy to do :-) The boot mechanism is one of the hidden 
gems in FreeBSD.

> In the interim, I just put a new ramdisk image on the web site with
> support for the 'trident' driver. You will still have to edit xorg.conf to
> reflect your configuration, though.

I've compiled a new a new Xserver and I'll see if I can get time to try 
it out this evening. I've also compiled a new rdesktop from their cvs 
repository I'd like to get redirection to a local printer working too so 
I can put these boxes in production.

Printer & disk redirection is working nicely on my "normal" FreeBSD 
machines with rdesktop from cvs.


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